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Every year 6.000 patients are diagnosed with bladder cancer in the Netherlands. At the moment, around 35.000 people that have (a history of) bladder cancer are living in the Netherlands. Worldwide these numbers are 400.000 and 2.700.000 respectively. All these patients need regular check-ups, to make sure there are no recurrences.

When bladder cancer is discovered in an early stage, when it is not muscle invasive, the mortality is 15%. When bladder cancer is discovered in a later stage, when it is muscle invasive, the mortality has almost quintupled to 70%. Therefore, early discovery is key in bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is associated with a high recurrence rate, up to 70%. This means that patients who are once diagnosed with bladder cancer need regular check-ups, often for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, the current diagnosis method of bladder cancer, cystoscopy, has its limitations. The sensitivity and specificity are both around 70%, which means that the false positive and false negative rate are around 30%. Especially the false positives are expensive, as a patient will be under full anaesthesia to remove tissue from the bladder, and will be hospitalized afterwards for 48 hours. In case of a false positive, this is all for nothing as the removed tissue is benign.

With the Scinvivo catheter the amount of false positives will be decreased during cystoscopy, which means that unnecessary, costly interventions will be prevented.