Financing Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland on improving diagnosis of bladder cancer

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Scinvivo an Amsterdam based MedTech startup, received a loan of 300.000 euro from the Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland. Scinvivo will use the money to realize an innovation on improving bladder cancer diagnosis. According to Scinvivo, current diagnosis can be improved by new imaging techniques.

Scinvivo develops a catheter which can look inside bladder tissue, so the doctor can see what is going on inside the bladder wall. The catheter uses OCT (optical coherence tomography) to make real time cross-sectional images of the tissue. In this way the urologist can, during surgery, see what is happening inside the bladder wall, allowing for a better diagnosis.

Arjan Groenevelt, managing director of Scinvivo: “With the financing of the Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland Scinvivo can accelerate the development of this catheter. The first clinical trials can start in the summer of 2019. For this we cooperate with the Amsterdam UMC hospital. We expect the catheter to be available beginning of 2020 .”

Wouter Keij, managing director of Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland: “The innovation of Scinvivo may be an important addition to the urology practice and will be an improvement to diagnose different types of cancer. Our financing will hopefully lead to continued financing by other parties to bring this innnovation to market. This is the first loan of the Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland, which was launched last summer”.

The Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland is an initiative of Noord-Holland Province, the university of Amsterdam, the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC and Sanquin, with support of Europe The fund support entrepreneurs in the Noord-Holland province with financing of innovations in the Proof-of-Concept phase. The fund issues convertable loan agreements. The duration of the first fundpart is 2018-2023.

Scinvivo is an Amsterdam based MedTech startup. Scinvivo develops optical imaging techniques for medical

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